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A Poem for Yuli

Dreaming||Thats all I can ever do|| I want to be like you|| I want the armor||the wisdom||the power||But all I can do is dream||I dream of being the hero||of being the one to save the day||of being the one everyone cheers for|| I don't want to dream|| I just want the armor|| Is that wrong?||

 I just want the power|| I want to banish the evil|| I want to call the armor|| my armor|| I sit at home and dream at night||of controling that power|| Controling that armor|| Is it wrong?|| I can't ask|| They'd laugh at me||

I dream of being the one hurt||not the lonly bystander||I dream of being the one hugged and kissed||for a job well done||Not the one giving my huggs and kiss's|| I want the armor||Is that wrong?||

 I want the armor|| But I can't have it || Its not fair|| I want the armor||Is that wrong? || I want to be a Ronin|| Why can't I?|| Its so not fair||I am forced to only watch|| But I'll still stand by dreaming||

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