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Ronin Humor
This idea came from a few sites I visited and thought their idea's were cool. So I converted, edited, re-did, and even added my own little Ronin twist to it. ^_~ Enjoy If you find anything here stupid, uncalled for, etc., etc., etc., then I suggest you deal with it or DO NOT visit this section again. Flame me and I shall flame ye right back.
Well then, lets begin shall we?
If you want to submit anything to this lovely section then email me what you have, and make the subject "Ronin Warriors: The Humor Section". Thank you!

Marriage Prospects?
   Ryo   Kento   Cye   Rowan   Sage   
Mia   Yuli   
Anubis   Dais   Kale   Sekhment   Lady Kayura   
Anceint One   Tulpa

**If it doesn't have a name next to it's courtsey of me ^_^**
The Collection

To Do List's

1. Hear alarm clock go off at 9:30 am, throw it in Sage's direction.
2. Sleep until they force me to wake up.
3. Go to -late- breakfast. Eat more than Kento wonder if they noticed.
4. Go upstairs to change.
5. Come down the steps and trip over Yuli's skateboard.
6. Yell at Yuli.
7. Eat lunch.
8. Find something to bicker with Ryo about.
9. Smuggle something to eat from the kitchen.
10. Go outside to practice archery.
11. Come back from training and play video games.
12. Show Mia I am smarter than she is.
13. Eat dinner.
14. Say some smart things and smile as they are amazed.
15. Watch stars with Yuli.
16. Eat after dinner snack.
17. Take a Shower.
18. Eat Pre-Sleep snack.
19. Stay up all night playing more video games.
20. Retreat upstairs and go to sleep.

Things the Cast from RW's Would Never Say
**I need some warlords-kayura-anceint-and tulpa ones!**
Kento: After much deliberation....I have decided to go on a diet.
Mia: Oh my God, you killed Anubis! You bastards!!
Rowan: Wow Kento, I would have never thought of that.
Kento: Well I'm tiered of fighting, lets negotiate.
Sage: **hide's behind Rowan** Don't let them hurt meeeeee!!!
Ryo: I don't want to grow up, I'm a Toys R' Us kid...
Sage: I want my mommy!
Rowan: Geez Sage! Watch where your pointing that thing!**New**
Cye: Since when was it my job to cook for you bums?
Ryo: But Mia!! Sage got to last time! (hint*hint)
Yuli: I won't get in the way anymore.
Rowan: E=mc what?
Ryo: **looks at Yuli** So, you used to have parents too?
Mia: Ryo quit your bitching!
Rowan: **does a wolfish whistle** Lookin good Kayura!
Kento: Peace man, not war! Lets love each'other! **New**
Yuli: Thank you for noticing me!
Mia: Quit whining you little pansy and save me!!
Ryo: Yuli! Lead us to victory!!
Cye: **drowing** Help me!!! I can't swim!
Kento: Geez Mia, one more wise crack like that and I'm going to have to spank you! Thanks Carol!!!
Rowan: So this thing is called a com...pu...ter?
Sage: I guess you were right Rowan, lets kiss and make up.**New**
Cye: Hi. My name is Cye Mouri, and I'm an alcoholic...
WhiteBlaze: Scooby-dooby-doo!!**New**
Sage: You guys all know *I* am the cutest.
Ryo: **burns hand** Ow!
Mia: I take the three soilders to the left, Ryo you take the two to the right.
Sage: Damnit! Whats my power-up line again?
Ryo: Did you know fire was hot?
Kento: For crying out loud, Cye, can't you think of somebody else for a change? Geez, it's all 'ME ME ME' from you, isn't it?
Ryo: guys really think Yuli is annoying? He won't take this well.
Kento: I think I'll join the Dynasty after all.
Yuli: Don't make *me* slap you.**New**
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