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Cye Mouri

Designation: Ronin Warrior
Age: 15: TV series; 17: Gai Den; 18: Kikoutei Densetsu and Message
Height: 5'4" : series
Weight: 118lbs : series
Blood Type: A
Armor Type:Elemental/Water
Call to Arms: Armor of Torrent! Doa Shin!
Armors Main Color:Light Blue
Weapon(s): A tanto (dagger) behind his right shoulder and wields Torrent Yari, actually a combination of a trident and mancatcher.
How armor was aquired:**Comming Soon**
Armors History:**Comming Soon**
Physical Description: Yes, Cye is the OLDEST of the five Ronins(I was asked to make make sure that everyone knew that >.<). He has a light brown, er, auburnish hair color. And sea blue(I'm susposing) eyes. His build isn't bad and he's a strong swimmer.
Personality: Like the surface of the tranquil ocean, Cye is the calmest of the Ronin's. A quite warrior, Cye likes to spend time near the water and loves the sea. He is the most trusting of all the Ronin warriors and stands by them at all cost. Despite his peaceful nature, Cye's emotions can turn as violent as a hurricane. He likes to cook, which is probly why he and Kento get along so well. He IS NOT as innocent as he looks; from what I heard, he can be just as mean as the other guys. ^_~ Don't let that accent fool ya.
Past: **Comming Soon**

Family: Cye's father died when he was young. His mother She has a weak heart and is often sick. She is running the Mouri pottery business and the family until her daughter can take over He has a big sister named Sayoko; and a potential brother-in-law named Shizuka Ryuusuke.


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